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The best home waxing kit to remove coarse, fine, and short shaved hair from the comfort of your own home. And you'll be happy to know it's made by the creator of the original hard wax beads. 

One kit perfect for waxing all areas of your body: face, arms, underarms, bikini, lower legs, toes. 

This home waxing kit includes:

          • Heater 
          • Empty Tin
          • Hard Wax Beads for face and body - 4 x 100g / 4 x 3.53 oz.
          • Clean Purifying Lotion - 30ml / 1.01 oz.
          • Prepare Nourishing Oil - 30ml / 1.01 oz.
          • Vinyl Gloves
          • Disposable Body Applicators x10
          • Disposable Face Applicators x10
          • Small measuring cup / Large measuring cup

You'll be happy to know it's the best at home hair removal kit!

  • COMES WITH EVERYTHING - The waxing beans are made specifically for facial, arm, bikini, or body hair and effortlessly melt in an easy-to-use hair removal wax warmer. The brazilian wax kit also includes a pre-cleaner spary, while the after-care spray calms your newly waxed skin. Ensuring hair-free results for up to six weeks, this wax machine for hair removal is a great tool to have to achieve smooth skin.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAT SETTINGS - This waxing kit features sturdy composite construction and 75 watts of heating power, delivered via a powerful circular heating element with controllable heat settings for fast, even wax meltdown. Temperature can easily be adjusted from 160 F to 240 F to melt your wax in less than 8 minutes.It is a suitable choice for most types of wax.
  • LESS PAINFUL - If you need your skin glowing and feeling soft, then you have to try the Yeelen wax warmer for hair removal. It is a versatile wax warmer that comes with four different flavors of wax beans to remove 98% of hairs in your armpit, eyebrows, bikini area, beard and other parts of the body.It is easy to use and works painlessly without the need for hair removal paper.
  • KITS FOR HOME WAXING - There are few beauty treatments more satisfying than a professional wax, yet many of us don't have the bandwidth for regular appointments, whether due to time constraints or financial considerations. Luckily, at-home waxing can be quick and painless, especially when you have the right tools.
  • NO IRRITATION - Hard wax is meant for sensitive skin. Our most advanced formula hair removal wax yet extracts hair from the root and thus slower growth.You’re supposed to be able to go over the same spot a couple of times if need be without it ripping up too many layers of skin, unlike soft wax. This way, your skin will be far less irritated, and those with sensitive skin can comfortably use hard wax.
wax kit
wax kit
wax kit
wax kit
wax kit

Package Includes:

500ml Wax Warmers Electric Heater

4 Bags Hard Wax Beads

20 Wood Spatulas in Large & Small Size

1Pre-cleaner spary + After-care spray

If any missing part, we will give you satisfied answer!